Saturday, 5 September 2009

Saturday September 5, 2009 - Corn Roast

It was warmer this morning at 13C (55F) but cloudy when I got up. There was still some mist on the river too. Before long the sun came peeking through and it turned into another lovely day.

The folks on the cottage road where Betty and Garth have their cottage have a corn roast every year and we're usually here for it. It's a potluck sort of thing. I had made up my Calico Beans yesterday as our contribution and also as something that Gordon can eat (but I can't due to the tomato sauce on the beans and the ketchup in the recipe).

I decided to go to the cottage after lunch and plug in the crockpot there so Gordon dropped me off and came back to the RV then returned for the corn roast. I spent the afternoon with Betty.

We went for a walk and saw this chain saw art. The tree fell during a bad storm about a month ago so they decided not to cut it down entirely. These bears are the result.

The tree also fell on the old Titanium. This is their new one. Luckily they had replacement insurance.

This is Bob, the resident seagull. He is very territorial and keeps all the other seagulls away.

Gordon arrived around 4:30 p.m. and we headed over to the corn roast around 6 p.m. The food was just starting to arrive and what a lot of food there was. I didn't even eat any corn! The dessert table was something to behold. I think I have acute chocolate poisoning! As usual, I ate far too much!

Yearly host and hostess of the corn roast, Brenda & Jim
They even had a sign this year-that's Garth and Gordon standing in front of it

Sunset from the cottage dock

The band setting up

People gathering around the dessert table

And it's a wrap!

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