Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Wednesday September 23, 2009-Visiting

It was another cloudy, warm morning. I was up a bit earlier since I had plans for lunch today. I still went for my walk but didn't dawdle.

After breakfast I got dooded up and headed for Ottawa, well actually Kanata which is the western suburb of Ottawa.

My first stop was to see my friend, Sandy. Sandy works for one of the Edward Jones Investment offices so our visit was brief. Her Mom is now 92 and having health problems so that has been her major focus other than work for the last months so she wasn't able to make our get together in June when the ladies had lunch.

After that I stopped at GNC to pick up some things, then went to Home Depot to talk to them about my kitchen floor which still isn't fixed from the grapefruit knife episodes. All in good time...

It had started raining quite heavily when I first got to Ottawa so I was glad I had my umbrella as I had quite a walk for my next stop. I was going to my old office at Breconridge to have lunch with Najat, one of my friends that still works there. They have visitor parking but there weren't any spots so I had to park way at the far end and walk trying to keep my umbrella from turning inside out with the wind. Needless to say, I was damp when I reached the office but we had a nice lunch, thanks Najat! There are so many unfamiliar faces there after being away for five years. My boss is no longer there so it felt kind of strange but it's always good to see Najat and Sue!

My final stop after lunch was for groceries then I headed home. Luckily the rain had stopped while I was in the office.

No cameras are allowed in the office so my photos today of where we'll be coming up soon!

Matagorda Bay on the Gulf Coast of Texas

Pyro, the campground kitty & Gordon

Powderhorn Lake

It won't be long.....

In another vein, I'm really ticked off. It appears my counter has stopped working and just as I was getting close to 100,000 hits. I know last time I looked I was just under 93,000 but the last few days it hasn't been there even though it still shows in my layout. I'm so annoyed!


  1. I know what you mean about not knowing too many folks at the old office. I went back, and most of the folks that I worked with had either retired or left the firm. Time marches on, and waits for no one!
    Get a new counter, and start it out at 94K, I had to do that as mine went awol just like you described.

  2. Have no fear we are out here and reading every day.

  3. I can see your counter...and it appears to be working. When I logged on it said 93065 and when I hit the refresh button it went to 93066. I enjoy reading your blog!

  4. I notice the counter is 93122, looks like it's still counting. I'm always reading your blog, that's one more. It won't take long to get 100,000.


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