Sunday 9 August 2009

Sunday August 9, 2009-Last Day at Orillia

This morning was cloudy then rainy then rainy and very foggy. I did get to go for my walk before all this started though.

After breakfast I took the laundry over to the campground laundromat. I had gotten it ready yesterday. Luckily I got there early. The wash wasn't quite done when an elderly Dutch couple came in followed a while later by a young guy so the place was packed and there's really only room for one person in there at a time.

While I was getting laundry done we had a thunderstorm and the power went out briefly, with the rain came heavy fog. Gordon went out to get some photos before the rain started. The photo today was taken by Gordon.

I finished shortly after noon, came back put the clothes away, had lunch, made a potato salad for dinner tonight then lay down to read and off to la la land.

When I woke up we turned on the air as it was quite hot and humid, then got showers and settled in for the night. Not very exciting!

Today is our last day here at Orillia. We're heading for Lindsay tomorrow. Sure hope it doesn't rain!


  1. Sounds like a routine day. Have safe travels, it won't be long you'll be back in the lower 48.

  2. Today I will be doing more laundry. We like to keep it caught up while we are at parks that have laundry mats. Love your photos today...see ya on chat..I missed it last night Sherri and I were out exploring till late.


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