Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunday August 2, 2009

The rain missed us last night and we only got a few sprinkles today. Otherwise it's been sunny and breezy.

The only thing I got accomplished today was making a Black Bean and Rice Salad. You're supposed to refrigerate it overnight so we'll have it tomorrow. My Mom used to make a good rice salad but I no longer have the recipe and I think it contained gluten in the form of noodles from dry chicken noodle soup. But it was good. Hope this one is as good. I didn't have any Dijon mustard on hand so found a recipe to make a small amount and it turned out well. I also didn't have any cumin so it was recommended to use chili powder. If it's good, I'll stock some cumin but I don't think I'll bother stocking Dijon.

Other than that - reading, napping, sitting outside and just generally relaxing.

The park is really busy. I'll be glad when the long weekend is over and we're back to normal. As I said yesterday we're right at the gate and they don't issue gate cards to people here for a couple of days so when people come in they beep their horn and today it's been a lot of beeping. And the kids.... when we were coming home the other night this little kid on a bike came around the corner at top speed and just about ran into us. Don't parents teach their kids anything any more?

Today's photo is one of the murals at Midland. From a distance it looks like a real lighthouse. When we were there a guy was touching up the paint on it.

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  1. it is a wonderful area - my parents live just south of Barrie and my brother in Collingwood. Yes, they say they have had a cool summer compared to BC!


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