Thursday, 2 July 2009

Thursday July 2, 2009 - Lake Superior Provincial Park

It was still cloudy when I woke up but at least it wasn't raining so away I went on my walk after stashing our garbage safely in one of the containers.

Lots of toadstools around with all the rain

One of the cabins in the campground

Walking in the back of the campground

After breakfast we started getting little peaks of sun so we decided to head south to Lake Superior Provincial Park. Lake Superior Provincial Park is a 1, 600 square kilometre park located along Highway 17. The southern boundary of the park is 130 km (a 90 minute drive) northwest of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario and the northern boundary is only 15 km (a 10 minute drive) south of Wawa, Ontario. The park itself is also made up of several smaller parks. We stopped at quite a few of them. There is a fee if you are stopped to take a trail or have a picnic but not if you're just going to take a few photos.

Old Woman River

Katherine Cove

Sinclair Cove

Agawa Rock

At the Visitor Centre

We had no rain while we were out and quite a bit of sun. It started to get cloudy on our return trip.

When we got back to Wawa we stopped at the local grocery - John's ValuMart where I managed to part with some $$$$, then home to rest and get dinner ready.


  1. Great photos. Ahhh, looks so relaxing! Thanks

  2. Great pics, Sandra. Thanks for posting them. I've always wanted to see Lake Superior, now I'm more anxious to get there.

  3. Great pictures. You go to the nicest parks!


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