Friday, 12 June 2009

Friday June 12, 2009

It was warm enough to sleep with the bedroom windows open last night. We did have a bit of rain but it was a very soft rain so it didn't come in the windows.

I woke up this morning to mostly sunshine at 19C (67F). Wow! This is more like it!

We went out to fill one of our propane tanks this morning and while we were out stopped to get Gordon a new vest. He has heavier ones for winter but he likes them for all the pockets and I had seen these last week at our Giant Tiger. We wound up getting two of them. They are Ducks Unlimited vests and look more like the photographer's vests that you see in camera shops but substantially cheaper.

Gordon's vest - this one is khaki, the other one is dark gray

We had an early lunch and since it was again a nice day (two in a row, wow) we decided to go for a drive around the area. We ended up northwest of Carleton Place and went through some little towns like Lanark and Middleville. We drove on some back roads including some that weren't paved. Pretty scenery, lots of trees and a deer (photo below)! I have to give credit to Gordon for the deer photo since he had to back the truck up and get it the right spot for me to take the photo.

A couple of barns for Dee

Gravel road & lots of trees

Pond in a pretty setting

Rail fence - I love rail fences! There are lots of them in this area.

We ended up in the pretty town of Perth. They have a store there that sells gluten free products called Foodsmiths. It's kind of a mini Whole Foods. We picked up a few things there, then stopped at the park in town for a photo or two before heading home. Below are some photos taken in the park. The river is the Tay River.

We reached a high of 25C (77F) today with a light breeze - a beautiful day!

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  1. Thank you for the barns! I only saw two barns on our trip up north. I guess with the hard rains they were hidden. Great photos.

  2. Gordon's vest is identical to the one Kelly got me in the Thrifty Coyote store in Borrego Springs California this past winter. I think they are great & wouldn't leave home without mine.....


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