Saturday, 11 April 2009

Visiting with Ian's family

Morning-39F (4C) - sunny
Afternoon-55F (13C)

This morning after my walk and breakfast, Gordon called Ace Hardware and they had one electric heater left. So off we went to pick it up. $90 later, we have a new heater. It's a Pelonis. I've never heard of the brand but it seems well constructed and it sure puts out heat. Now we just have to remember to clean the filter which is probably why the other heaters have given up the ghost after a while.

This afternoon we drove into Dayton to meet Ian, Gordon's son and his family at Cox Arboretum. We arrived first so walked around taking some photos of the scenery and the spring flowers.

Then the family arrived.

Here's Lilly, our granddaughter

And Ian's family

The three grandchildren-Iris, Lilly and Caden

Iris playing patty cake

Grandpa giving Caden a piggy-back ride (for which he is now sitting on the massage cushion)

Grandpa with two little weights on his legs

Caden and Iris

The family

Caden in the children's maze

Grandpa and Iris

Now we're home, the kids wore us out!


  1. Sure got cute grandkids and wow that red hair....

  2. Thanks for sharing some happy memory-making times with the g'kids! They're adorable.

    Safe travels,
    Ellie & Jim

  3. You guys look like you're having a great time! Happy Easter!


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