Saturday 18 April 2009

Erie, PA to Rochester, NY

Erie, PA morning-46F (8C)-sunny
Rochester, NY afternoon-66F (19C)-partly sunny

I still wasn't feeling the best this morning but we want to get home so we filled up with diesel at 2.39.9 (the most expensive we've seen in ages until we hit NY) left Erie, PA at around 10 a.m. , 61F (16C) with sunny skies and had an uneventful 181 mile trip to the KOA at Canandaigua, NY arriving here before 1:00 p.m. We paid $40 US for our site.

On our drive

Lots of vineyards

Our Welcome to New York sign

Here we are at the KOA

And on our 'super site'

This is the County Courthouse downtown

A downtown street

Me standing in front of Canandaigua Lake

Just before sunset

As you know I don't think KOA's are worth the prices they charge however it happens that that's about all that's open up here this time of year. Our site is a 'super site' but they neglected to tell us what that meant just that it cost more. Basically they've redone the campground so for big rigs you actually have two sites, one for the RV and one for your truck or toad. Since we were given some wrong information at the office, we parked on the wrong site. The truck should be here. Oh well, just pray that we can maneuver ourselves out of here tomorrow.

As soon as we were set up I went to bed again for a couple of hours, then got up and had a shower at the campground showers. Then I went through our receipts again for border crossing and I think they are now organized. I also input April expenses into my spreadsheet.

I decided I wasn't going to set things up for cooking tonight so we went into Canandaigua to have a look around. We were told at the office that it was a nice little town. So we went into town to Wendy's where I had the southwest salad and Gordon had chili and a burger minus the bun. There was a lot of tomato and cheese involved in my salad. It's really a pain to eat out these days!

We plan to be home tomorrow so wish us luck with the border crossing!


  1. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Sandra & Gordon,

    Best wishes for an easy border crossing tomorrow. "There's no place like home."

    Hope you are feeling better, Sandra!

    Donna, FL

  2. So what do you have to show receipts for?? Did you buy alot? Have a great crossing.

  3. Good luck in the crossing. It will be good to get all settled in your home area. See ya on chat.


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