Saturday, 4 April 2009

A Beautiful Day

Morning-48F (9C)
Afternoon-75F (24C)

I had a lovely walk this morning even though it was a bit chilly. After breakfast I sat outside and read for a while but it was a bit too windy.

Looking down on our site on my morning walk

More campground sites - ours is the middle one

More sites

My morning walking companion

View from my lawnchair

After lunch, I was chatting with Dee on Yahoo Messenger and had just thought about having a nap when Gordon said he wanted to go for a drive and find the swamp that we had seen the other day. We drove some back roads but didn't find it.

Pastoral scene

We then hiked a trail at the Haserway Wetland Trail. It was a pretty trail and the wind had died down making it a beautiful day for a walk.

Along the trail

The trail
I then suggested that we drive in to Grenada and take the same route that we had taken the day before yesterday and there it was - the swamp! So, Gordon got his photos and was happy!

This is the red flower that we saw along I-55 on our way here from Louisiana this week. It looks like an Indian paintbrush to me however one of my readers tells me it looks like Crimson Clover. Not being from this area, I would go with her identification.

Back home I finally got my nap, a shower and started getting dinner ready.

This is such a gorgeous place! Due to weather heading north to Illinois and then east to Ohio, I think we'll be staying here an extra day and traveling on Tuesday.


  1. We're a good ways in front of you now Sandra!
    Y'all travel safe and avoid any sn*w on the way!
    It sure was great seeing you in Kerrville...stay in touch!

  2. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Hi Sandra - The red flower looks a lot like Crimson Clover [Trifolium incarnatum].

    Enjoy your piece of Louisiana paradise as long as you can, it may be a little too cool up north. :-)

  3. OH WOW, this is our park. That's exactly what we're hoping to find. If we get there we may never leave. lol Thanks so much for the great pictures!!!

  4. Hi Sandra,
    I've just caught up on all your recent escapades. The greenery is so beautiful and lush. I'm glad you're in the middle of warm weather as we can't yet seem to invite spring to come out here. Thanks for your good house wishes and feel free to stop by for a summer hot tub dip- if you're ever in the neighbourhood, drop me a line and we'll chill.


  5. Wow Sandra, that looks like such a relaxing scene on the lake.. Would love to be there.. Thanks again for the pictures.


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