Sunday, 29 March 2009

Not Much of Anything

Morning-46F (8C)
Afternoon-67F (19C)

Thank goodness for the electric blanket! We're back to using it again.

I was up a bit earlier this morning. Just couldn't sleep. I think getting up that 1/2 hour earlier gives me more energy for walking. Hmmmm. Anyway, I had a nice walk in the cold, bright sunshine.

After breakfast I took advantage of Gordon being out and about and got the vacuuming done.

Since I didn't have an bars on my cell phone inside I walked up to the office area and sat on the swing and called my older sister who is at Siesta Key in Florida. They're flying back to Toronto on Tuesday after spending two months there. They like it very much and plan to return next year if possible. The year before they were at a condo in Fort Myers but didn't like it so much there. That was the year we went over and spent the month of March in Fort Myers so we could see them and decided there were way too many people and too much traffic there for our liking. We like Port Lavaca much better!

Gordon didn't get back from his outing until after lunchtime but he had a good time and said he walked at least 50 miles. So I'm sure there will be photos at

I talked with Dee from the rv-dreams chatroom on Yahoo Messenger this afternoon for a while, otherwise read, had a shower and just hung around.

I went out to take a photo as I didn't have anything for the blog and these guys on horses were riding around the park.

I caught this guy as he had just passed our RV

Horses across the fishing pond

It turned out to be a really nice afternoon!

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  1. We have had some good weather here the last two days...I hope it stays stable around here so we don't have any tornados!

    Joe and Sherri


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