Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Staying Home

We had a thunderstorm last night but I didn't hear a thing. What I did hear was the rain that started sometime after 4 a.m. That woke me up! It also brought in a cold front. When I got up, very late, around 8:45 it was only 47F (8C) and the morning proceeded to go downhill from that.

I went out for my walk and was only about 10 minutes into it when I heard thunder so I started back. I didn't hear any more so instead of walking on the island, I walked in the park. Then it started to rain so I cut it short and came back to the RV. It looks like the next few days will be cold and fairly wet. Even though it rained quite hard this morning the ground just soaked it up.

Most of the morning was spent reading blogs and surfing and listening to the rain on the roof.

When I was out shopping yesterday I decided that since it was turning colder, we needed stew so I pickup up the fixings and made it today. That with some cornbread will be our dinner.

I started reading another book this week. This one is by John Lescroart. It's one of the first of the Dismas Hardy series. So far it's a pretty good book. I've read others of this series.

On Facebook today I came across a group called 'Merrikin is the best name to have'. It's nice that there are some young Merrikins that are interested in their family tree. Unfortunately I don't recognize any of them as being relatives but they could be related through a brother of my grandfather's as I don't have much information on his brothers.

We had lots of rain and thunderstorms late this afternoon and through the dinner hour which knocked out both TV and internet satellite for a while. The rain and thunderstorms are continuing, the TV is back but the internet is still out so I was lucky enough to be able to get on the campground wifi but who knows for how long?

The photo today is of the quilt that my Mother had left for me when she passed away. We were talking about quilts in the rv-dreams chatroom a while back and I said I would post a photo.


  1. Sorry I have not posted on your comments lately...but as you know we have been so busy with Birthdays and potlucks that we find it is late when we return to our home. It was so nice to meet you and Gordon. Sherri and I both wished we had more time to visit but you know time is what goes so fast and we have so little of. I know there will be a time we will meet again. Until then we will read all about your adventure...Just two and one half more weeks until we are free to roam the country side.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. This is a post script...Are you coming to our next pot luck? Also we are meeting for Italian food tonight know I don't have any idea...HE HE :)



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