Sunday, 8 March 2009

Enchanted Rock and Fredericksburg

L-66F (19C) - cloudy
H-83F (28C) - sunny and humid most of the afternoon

I got up late today and because of Daylight Savings Time it was even later! Last night sure wore me out! The good news is that all the food agreed with Gordon.

I did my walk around the island again but didn't see anything of interest.

With a little imagination this plant reminded me of a saguaro.

By the time I did some computer stuff it was almost noon because I'd gotten up so late.

Gordon and I decided to go to Fredericksburg this afternoon and when we got there continued on to Enchanted Rock. It was 83F by then so I had no interest in climbing the rock but Gordon went up part way. We're thinking of maybe coming back here next Fall when it's cooler to climb it.

While Gordon was climbing the rock I sat in the picnic area and this little bird dropped by my picnic table. No idea what it is and couldn't get a very good photo of it as it was very fast!

Enchanted Rock

On our way back we stopped at the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce and had a look around but just did a drive thru of the town. It was too hot to walk around.

That's it for our day!


  1. Just checked our "new bought" National Audubon Field Guide for the Southwestern States & guessing your bird pal might be a female Steller's Jay or a female Cardinal. For sure it isn't a Sand HIll Crane:)) Al.

  2. Misjudged the size of the bird....Could be a Juniper Titmouse.


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