Sunday, 18 January 2009

Beautiful, Warm, Quiet Day

What an absolutely gorgeous day! It started out warm so by the time I got back from my morning walk I was in short sleeves!

After breakfast we went on a birding run. I went next door to see if Ellie and Jim wanted to go but their car was gone so Gordon and I went out and did our usual tour as well as a couple of roads I hadn't been on before. Here are some photos.

Snowy Egret and a Tri Colour Heron

They dredged the sand out to make this creek reach the bay but Mother Nature had a different idea so it's now a tide pool.

This song sparrow posed for me on the fence

This cow was also posing

Great egret in a tree

When I got back it was just too beautiful to sit inside so I made my lunch and went outside with my book where I spent most of the afternoon. The sky was a clear blue and the sun was shining and only a bit of a wind. Just a perfect day with a high of 76F (24C)!

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