Sunday, 28 December 2008

A Try at Geocaching

We signed up for another month here at Powderhorn RV Park and Marina yesterday so we'll be here till January 28th at which time the plan is to head south and spend some time around Rockport/Port Aransas.

It was still quite warm last night so I opened one window in the bedroom and it was nice sleeping with the cooler breeze blowing and no humidity.

This morning was cloudy and cooler than yesterday but still 52F (11C) with winds coming from the northeast. It was actually quite nice for walking although the wind was pretty strong. I had thought from the forecast that it would be raining this morning but that didn't happen.

I spent most of this morning on the internet trying to solve the Conde Nast Where Are You Contest and I finally did it! It seems they've been getting tougher over the last few months. When my sister and I first started this venture, they were fairly easy but within the last year there's been a couple that we've given up on entirely. Not for January though!

I chatted for a while with Dee from the rv-dreams chatroom. I just love on-line chats, so much easier than sending an email and you get an immediate response.

I've been talking about geocaching since we bought Miss Pinky in the summer when we were in Ottawa. Today we went out but didn't find it. There are so many rocks around there and so much debris that you have no idea what rock to move or what piece of debris might actually be the geocache. Hopefully Ellie & Jim will be coming to see us shortly and she can give me another course in geocaching. Oh well, it was fun anyway. If we hadn't gone we wouldn't have seen these pretty flowers.

On our way back, I got a photo of this pretty pink house that I see every morning when I'm out (without my camera).

And this interesting door

On our return, our favourite kitty was waiting for us. Here he is watching for the door to open. He sure is fast. He got inside before I even knew it.

These roses are about to bloom beside our deck, at least I think they're roses.

Other than reading and a brief nap just before dinnertime that was my day! I think our high today only reached about 55F (13C).

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