Saturday, 18 October 2008

Ready to Leave!

This morning was cold -.5C (31F)! Luckily there was no wind so I put on lots of layers and away I went.

The rest of the morning was spent surfing and reading some magazines that Betty had given me and still tried to get into the book that I was reading yesterday.

More of the same after lunch. Gordon fixed the sewer hose that had come apart when we left Lindsay earlier this summer. I started watching 'Honeymoon in Vegas' with Nicolas Cage and James Caan. It was ok.

I downloaded some photos from Gordon's son's photobucket of the grandchildren and I'm using Gordon's Photo of the Day for my photo.

Lilly, Caden and Iris


I'm ready to get going!


  1. You had 31, but we only had 41 here in KC. Dew on everything and seemed cold. We both need to get rolling toward the South, Lol.


  2. Anonymous10:20 am

    And it is cold here in Ottawa . .but by lunch time it is 15 - 20 C
    Looking forward to hearing how the trip south goes . . .



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