Sunday, 12 October 2008

Getting out to Enjoy the Day!

Today was just an absolutely gorgeous Fall day, sunny and warm with a high of 23C (74F).

I didn't do much this morning except finish the book that I started yesterday. My books have to be returned to the library before we leave. We tried to do that on our outing this afternoon but apparently they only have certain hours to drop off books when the library isn't open. Hmmm, never seen that before.

We hadn't been to Pakenham yet this year so on our way we stopped at Almonte and found this view of the Falls next to the old mill which is now a condominium. The falls have a lot of water right now as one section has been diverted due to work that they're doing on them.

The white area on the left is the falls.

From there we headed to Pakenham. The area around the old bridge (pictured below) is quite pretty and the bridge is one of a kind as you will see from the photo I took of the sign (shown below).

A twin for Fillmore

More scenery along the Mississippi River at Pakenham

The Catholic Church in Pakenham

On to Arnprior. I thought that I'd like to have a closer look at it in case we decide to spend some time at Grainger's RV & Tent Park next summer. I thought they had a Walmart but it's the next town west so it would be shorter to come to Carleton Place. There's not a lot in Arnprior.

We got home just in time to get dinner ready and get my blog done before dinner.


  1. Nice scenery! There is so much to see where you are! I guess there is a lot of history there also. Thanks for taking us with you.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Anonymous4:51 am

    I grew up in Almonte.
    it really is beautiful spot.



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