Friday, 17 October 2008

Ken Reid Conservation Area

I had to bundle up for my walk this morning. There was still frost on the grass when I went outside at nearly 8:30 a.m.

After breakfast I got a little housework done, then Gordon and I went in to town. Gordon had to get some plugs and screws to fix the valance that is coming down behind our recliners so our first stop was Canadian Tire. We also stopped at Food Basics to get some bananas and while there saw toilet paper on sale. We have tried Cashmere toilet paper and it seems to work well with our sewer system so if you're in Canada, it's a good product.

From there we stopped at a campground that we had stayed at our first year in Lindsay. It's called Alpine but we were told that they are now closed to transients. Betty and Garth liked us to stay there as they could pick us up in the boat without going through the locks however our preference is where we're staying.

On to the Ken Reid Conservation area where we hiked on a few trails. There were lots and lots of these little red dragonflies out today. It was still a bit chilly but the sun was bright and we had a good time. Here are some photos of our walk today.

When we came back I lay down to try to get into a book that Betty gave me called Doors Open by Ian Rankin. So far it's not doing it so of course, I fell asleep.

Gordon got the valance rehung behind our recliners this afternoon so it should stay put for at least another four years.

Our high today was only about 11C (52F) and there was a chilly wind. A prelude to winter!

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