Friday, 10 October 2008

Our Thanksgiving Dinner

It was another bright, sunny morning, not as warm as yesterday but at 14C (57F) quite respectable considering some mornings we've had lately. There are still lots and lots of noisy geese around. I wonder what makes them so noisy this time of year. Maybe they're celebrating the corn harvest and the leftovers that they get. I also saw this deer across the water when I was doing my exercises.

This morning I had to finish making Gordon's stuffing to take to my sister's tonight for her Thanksgiving dinner.

While I was taking a nap this afternoon I had the radio on and happened to hear that the Canadian dollar dropped 4 cents today against the U.S. dollar. If the U.S. economy is in such bad shape, I don't understand why the Canadian dollar is dropping against it. The Canadian economy isn't supposed to be in bad shape.....yet. It seems everything is going against us these days. When we first started RVing diesel prices went way up, now investments are tanking and the Canadian dollar is falling which means for every dollar we spend in the U.S. this winter if the dollar stays where it is or heaven forbid falls further we will spend a further 15 cents. This is, however, good for export businesses here in Canada which might make our investments worth something again.... maybe????

I really try not to dwell on it but it's terribly depressing nonetheless.

Flowers I took to my sister's house today.

The Geeks (Gordon and Danica)

We had a lovely turkey Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's tonight. Turkey is one of my favourite foods. I'm glad everyone could be there since we're soon leaving. My older sister, Betty called while we were eating to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving isn't actually until Monday but who says we can't have it early!

We got home late so I'm cutting this blog short tonight.

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