Thursday, 9 October 2008

Mississippi Riverwalk Trail

I couldn't believe the temperature when I woke up this morning 17C (62F)! I guess this is our Indian Summer. I had a nice walk. The geese were out partaking of the leftover corn in the fields after it's been harvested.

Geese in the cornfield
The leaves are falling
Earthworm making his way along the road

My tree is losing its leaves

This morning I cooked and mashed some potatoes in preparation for making stuffing that Gordon can eat for Thanksgiving. Monday is Canada's Thanksgiving Day but we're celebrating it on Friday at my sister's house.

After that I made a couple of necklaces and read for a while.

Since the day was sunny with cloudy periods and we had some interesting clouds we went into Carleton Place to walk on the Mississippi Riverwalk Trail. It was a beautiful afternoon 20C (68F) but windy. The trail runs along the Mississippi River but you can only see the river in spots due to the dense trees and bushes. We walked there last year but this year we walked as far as the trail runs along the river then it takes a right turn away from the river where there was lots of construction going on. Carleton Place is a very happening kind of place, all kinds of homes and businesses are being built.

The trail

Trees along the Mississippi

A black squirrel runs across the trail

Lots of geese in the river

Someone with a sense of humour

Boardwalk through the swampy area

Autumn leaves

More trees along the river
A couple of nice looking folks along the trail

This is an apartment retirement home that's being built along the Mississippi

On our way back we drove onto Glen Isle which is right across the Mississippi from the campground and took a few photos there, then drove through the little town of Appleton on our way back to the campground.

Leaves in the water

When we got back I read some more and had a brief nap.

Tonight is Gray's Anatomy, one of my favourite nights for TV.


  1. Wow, great pictures, fall is here, winter is next. Great temps today!

  2. You are so lucky to have that kind of weather. We are still hot here but no 90s so far. We head to Wills Point today and I will be off the grid for a while.

    Joe and Sherri

  3. Great weather here in SE TX,too. No AC needed. As usual lovely pictures, Sandra, that is a beautiful area. I would like to see it, but you do such a good job, as I will probably never get that far.
    As for the eyebrow waxing, they do that at the beauty schools for $5, here anyway. My son is a personal trainer, if you ever get this way.
    Happy Trails, Penny


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