Saturday, 4 October 2008

Checking out Campgrounds

It's getting very cold around here especially overnight. The geese are heading south so we think we should be going too! Unfortunately we have to wait for a few weeks yet. I saw in the forecast on AccuWeather that they're forecasting snow for this area one day next week. Looks like it will just be snow flurries and will melt but still. It's way too early for that! That also means temperatures below freezing at night. Have I mentioned that I really hate this time of year in a an RV?

Returning to Ottawa at the end of April is always a hassle. Most parks don't open until mid May although Dave here at Tranquil Acres has let us come in early. Tranquil Acres is on a flood plain so part of the area down by the water is often still very wet. Today we were looking for a solution to this problem

First we went north and a bit west to a park called Grainger's Tent & Trailer Park. On our way we saw this field of beautiful sunflowers.

It was a nice enough park and a definite consideration however they have no laundry facilities since they are on septic and the nearest town is about 15 minutes away which means quite a distance for groceries, laundry and the like. He could accommodate us coming in early but only if it was dry enough in the park.

This barn was right across from the RV park. Definitely some nice scenery around the area.

I had heard about a park in the east end of Ottawa but had never gone to see it so that was our next stop. The name of the park is Recreationland. This is a very nice park (FHU) and it's about 5 minutes away from the town of Rockland which has a brand new Walmart Superstore plus various other shopping conveniences. They also have a laundry in the park although it's quite expensive. They also have free wifi which they claim is very good. This park opens often as early as April 10th so we're covered there. We decided to sign up for a month beginning when we return in April. Here is a shot of one of the pull through sites where we would be located. They are quite a good size too. Since it's at the other end of town we'll also have some new places to explore. It takes about 25-30 minutes to come in to the west end of the city where our doctor and pharmacy are located.

This is one of the pull thru sites at Recreationland.

A scene within the park

One of the churches in Rockland

A building beside the church - love the looks of this old house.

After a couple of stops to pick up some supplies at Sassy Bead Company (prices are much better than the bead store in Smiths Falls) and at a grocery to get some grits for Gordon for breakfast, we returned to Tranquil Acres.


  1. We are looking at RecLand for next spring as well. Getting back from FL end of May so may see you there. We like the size of the sites and also the free wifi. Not too many parks around Ottawa offer wifi. Lots of snowbirds stay at RecLand all summer too. Think they close next week. Please check out our blog at

    We are heading south on Oct 30th.

  2. Today's pictures are great. I just love that pull thru site - I think I could even manage it!

  3. Hi Sandra:

    John & I spent a week at Recreationland in late August of 2006 and really liked it, it was quiet, the people were nice and it was within reasonable driving distance of Ottawa.



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