Tuesday 30 September 2008

End of Month Expenses - A Bit Scary!

September Expenses

We had a lot going on this month in preparation for hopefully being able to leave for the winter. The big expense this month was getting our fifth wheel in shape. It's now four years old and has never been inspected. We've had to do some things on the road, like get our microwave replaced, we had a slide that wouldn't come in when we were out west in 2006, things like that but it's never been checked over.

When our dealer checked it, we did have at least one leak but now it has all been recaulked so it's good for at least another four years (let's hope). The caulking done at the factory was less than wonderful.

We also had to purchase the new sticker for the truck plates, took the truck in for service, a new 500 GB hard drive etc. so a hefty month. We also had some medical/dental expenses that aren't covered under our extended health care. We did pretty well in the grocery category though!

Enough of that. October will be another expensive month if we are going south due to fuel prices and as we'll have to buy our travel medical insurance if we're going as well. Hopefully it won't be as bad as September and once we hit Texas at least campgrounds will be cheaper.

Gordon goes to see the Infectious Disease Specialist tomorrow to get the results of the CT scan of his lung so we should know tomorrow if we're going south or not.

I spent some time today making two necklaces and restringing some bracelets that I made over the winter that I didn't like or didn't have enough beads on them. Here are a couple of photos.

It started to rain shortly after lunch, pretty heavy at times. It looks like this is the weather we are having here for the rest of the week. High 14C (58F). We had a short stint of sun this morning but it was very short. Gordon scurried out to get some photos while the sun was shining.

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  1. Well our thoughts are with Gordon. Hope all is well with him. I take it that the $2000 + figure is for repairs on the RV? My budget will have to be half of yours last month.

    Joe and Sherri


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