Wednesday, 1 October 2008

And the decision is.....

I woke up to rain on the roof. I did my indoor exercises but no walk this morning.

Today was the day Gordon saw the specialist. Good news! The fungus has shrunk, he's off the medication and we're good to go south! Such a relief!

Now I have work to do:
  • Getting travel medical insurance
  • Buying 6 months of our prescription drugs
  • Stocking up on stuff we can't get in the U.S.
But we're going south!

On our way home we went by my first condo, here's a photo of it.

And a couple of photos in the country on our way back to the RV park.


  1. fabulous! that's the greatest news! I guess you're headed to Texas? CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. That is the greatest news. Congratulations dear friend! See you in Texas!!!

  3. Great Sandra and Gordon. Maybe I can see you while you are in TX.
    Happy Trails, Penny. TX

  4. Anonymous2:57 am

    wow, that's great.
    Very happy for Gordon.

    And have a great time this winter in texas.

    wiseoldmans ( Claude )

  5. Anonymous9:06 am

    Great news Sandra!! I am so glad to hear you will be going south. Hopefully we will see you in Kerrville in March!!

  6. Sandra, I'm very happy for you and Gordon. Good luck in your travels.

    Also, love your pictures. Your condo looks exactly like the one I had in Falls Church, VA.

  7. prayers were answered...I must be on the Lords good side. We have got to get together here in Texas. Sherri and I will be roaming around so as soon as we see you have landed we will be looking for your porch. Can't wait to chat live with the two of you...

    Joe and Sherri

  8. Great news!!!!!
    We will be spending the winter in TX also. Nolan's sister will be renting a condo in McAllen, TX. So, we'll be close to there for a while. Can't wait to meet you in person!!!! Donna

  9. I'm catching up on my blog reading and just had to say that's FANTASTIC news about Gordon! Have fun on your trip south!



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