Friday, 25 July 2008

Spending Time at Home

When I woke up it was cloudy and windy but no rain although it did rain some overnight. So my walk was under mostly cloudy skies. As the day progressed the sun came out but it was still windy. I was determined not to do much today so spent a lot of the day sitting outside in my chair reading. I had picked up some brochures on Social Security and Medicare yesterday so read them to familiarize myself with the U.S. systems.

We also realized yesterday that Gordon's Permanent Resident Card is set to expire in March 2009 which will be before we come back to Canada in the spring so he downloaded the form that he needs to complete. The Permanent Resident Cards have a five year expiry and he needs this to come back into the country or he will have to go to a Canadian Embassy and get some sort of travel document to come back into the country. Presently it's taking 81 days to process a new or replacement card so we're cutting the time rather close if we want to leave at the end of October. Just something else to foil our plans this year!

No photos today so here are more flower photos that I took at the Ornamental Gardens the other day. Other than the lilies, I'm not sure what the flowers are. Kelly, a member of the Bayfield Bunch that we met near Ajo, AZ this winter identified the flower that I posted on Wednesday as Blanket Flower so maybe she can help me out on these too!

Gordon decided to go out this afternoon to find something to photograph but I elected to stay home and veg. Yesterday was enough for me for at least one day. I had planned to go out and get some fruit today but it can wait!

Happy birthday today to my Aunt Ruth and to my sister-in-law, Carol!


  1. With new Drivers License requirements, and Permanent Card to be renewed, the paperwork goes on and on ! But the main thing is that you are talking about coming south again for the winter, and that shows that Gordon is really feeling better. Great. Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Better get all that done so he can stay with you!!! I would hate to see him get hauled off LOL

    Joe and Sherri


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