Tuesday, 22 July 2008

A Quiet Day and Dinner Out

We've had rain forecast for the past two days but it hasn't rained. That's the good news but it's still humid and damp. It was sunny today when I woke up but it turned out to be another mostly cloudy humid day, again not particularly hot and there was a nice breeze while I was sitting outside reading and surfing. This is the first time I've used my computer out on our patio and it's not too bad. I can see the screen although it's a little dark even on the highest brightness setting.

After walking and breakfast, I started cleaning out kitchen cabinets. I asked my sister yesterday if she wanted my muffin tins and we were going to see them tonight, I got those out and that's what prompted me to do a little more cleaning. I got some plastic containers ready to go to the thrift shop. I haven't used most of them in a couple of years. I'll probably need them next week but they're going out anyway. The daunting task will be the pantry which I'm saving for a day when I'm really ambitious!

I've had a question about what our Titanium looks like in the front. If you look closely you see one step on each side of the bed. There are actually two steps though. You just can't see it in the photo. The bed is right in the nose and the steps get you up to it. The bottom step on each side opens up for storage. We use them for shoes. I mentioned yesterday that there were two other fifth wheels here in the park that have the same nose as the Titanium. I expect the interior is somewhat the same but haven't been able to find any really good photos on line yet to check it out.

By the way this was taken before we bought it. We've changed the bedspread and it's not nearly as neat now! I like the fact that we each have a night table with a drawer. That seems to be hard to find.

My sister and her husband picked us up at 6 p.m. and we went out for dinner at the Bella Vista Restaurant. When we went to the last gluten free sample day at Rainbow Foods I picked up a copy of the Canadian Celiac Newsletter (Ottawa) and they advertised this restaurant as having gluten free pizza and pasta so we decided to go and give it a try and Gordon was very happy with his pizza. He even had a couple of slices left to bring home.

My brother-in-law, John, said he had seen a small generator which would be perfect for us - it's 1000w and it was $119.95 plus tax of course so away we went to Canadian Tire and looked at it and wound up buying it. Now if the power goes out, I can at least have my electric blanket!

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  1. Thanks Sandra for sending the pictures. I now know what it is like. I like the big windows in your bedroom. I guess your closet is at the other end of the picture? My curiosity is satisfied.



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