Thursday, 8 May 2008

Running Around, A Shock and Tulip Festival

Today was supposed to be sunny with a high of 18C (64F) however it remained cloudy with a few sunny breaks for most of the day with a high of 13C (55F).

I just walked around the campground today and out on Rideau Heights Drive. Since I'm going to be limited to that as soon as the fence goes up I might as well resign my self to it.

I had ordered some pants for Gordon from Sears and they were in so I went to pick them up and then picked up the remainder of his pills at Walmart that they didn't have the other day. Imagine my shock when they asked for $667.00. I had paid $74.11 the other day and didn't even look at how many were in the bottle. That's nearly $6.18 per pill and for only 100 mg which means he takes 4 per day. We got the same thing in Tucson for $44.68 or 1.49/pill for 200 mg dosage so only 2 per day. And they say that prescriptions are cheaper in Canada. I think NOT! Let's just hope that the pills are curing him. I decided I had better put a claim in on my insurance so I'll have my 80% from them by the time my Visa bill comes in. So back out I went to get that done and returned one pair of the pants that I had ordered as they were too long and Gordon didn't like the flat front.

The rest of the afternoon I spent on line doing jigsaws, chatting with Ellie and reading.

Around 4 p.m. we left to go to the Tulip Festival. There's lots of traffic at that time as Ottawa is a Government town so 4 o'clock is rush hour. Anyway, we got there and wonder of wonders, found a parking spot. There were a lot more tulips out today compared to the last time I was there. Here are some photos.

I wasn't fast enough to get this Red Hat lady from the front but her outfit was very interesting

This little girl seemed to have no problem crawling on the pavement.

This cat was basking in the attention given it by the little girl above and another toddler.

I was asked by Randy and Terry of Guiler Travels to include their blog on my Sites to See so I've now updated that area of my blog with their site.

And so ends another day in the life of a fulltime RVer. Oh and it did make it to 17C (62F) late in the day.


  1. what a cool outfit for the red hat purple dress person, that's an idea I can do. Great flowers!!! It looks like the pictures from Holland.

  2. Wow, what beautiful tulip pictures! Thank you for sharing them. Also, Wow on the prescription prices -- but Gordon's worth it!


  3. Wow, Sandra, what beautiful tulip photos!!!


  4. I am just in awe of the beautiful pictures. I just wish we were there to see all the beautiful flowers for ourselves. Enjoy.

  5. What nice tulip photos. Very pretty. I am surprised they are blooming already up in Canada. I always thought it was colder there than here.

  6. Great Pcs Sandra - Love them!!



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