Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A Nice Day Turns Rainy

I've been so lazy lately, pretty much since we arrived in Ottawa.

We're trying to be good with expenses so trying not to go out unless it's necessary. Fuel is very pricey up here! Walking isn't much fun. Today I saw that they're putting a fence up between the campground and the hospital laundry facility behind us so that will mean that I'm limited to walking in the campground itself or on the roadway outside the campground unless I want to walk on the busy street.

The beginnings of the fence.

Tulips from yesterday's walk.

I'm soooo looking forward to getting to the campground at Carleton Place although there are some drawbacks there like having to pack up the laundry and take it into town to the laundromat. But other than that, it's pretty much perfect! Looking forward to seeing the flowers there. The owners of the campground have a green thumb.

Gordon went out to photograph the tulips again this morning. He's been going pretty much every morning this week. That's a good sign as he had stopped taking photos when he was sick. So hopefully this means he's feeling better.

This morning I got the spreadsheet for our expenses updated up till today. It's easier to do it when there aren't so many receipts. The task looks daunting then. I also added one or two more links to my 'Sites to See'. If I don't have yours there and you'd like to see it, let me know by leaving a comment with a link to your blog.

The day started out sunny but as it progressed got more and more cloudy and was raining by mid-afternoon. I didn't notice how high the temperature got as I was too busy reading, doing jigsaw puzzles on line and taking a nap. I did get some good times today on the on line jigsaw puzzles. Anyone want to join three of us from the rv-dreams chatroom in doing jigsaws?

The dandelions are sprouting.

This older Mercedes diesel pusher has been stored in the campground this winter and I noticed today that it's been moved to a site. I'd never seen one before.

Not very industrious these days I'm afraid!


  1. Joe and I are going to join the Puzzel gang. I guess we will see about it today. We tried it the other day and we liked it. We are very slow...


  2. Hey there, Sandra. I've been following your travels for awhile now. I found you through RV Dreams. I'd love you to check out our blog at and feel free to include us in your Sites to See.

    Take care. Glad that Gordon is doing so much better!


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