Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Today's Summary

Gordon left early this morning to have breakfast at Perkins restaurant with a photographer friend who is in town for a couple of days. I got up a little earlier than usual and had my walk. While I was out I saw someone cycling on the other side of the railroad tracks so there must be a path there. I walked over to the tracks but couldn't find an easy way to get across them as there's a ditch on this side that's quite narrow and deep and I don't want to hurt my foot any further. I'll have to keep looking.

There was a new tenter here this morning.

Gordon got the truck back in lots of time for me to go to my doctor's appointment. I left early and stopped at Rainbow Foods. They have a good selection of gluten free foods so I picked up a couple of pizza crusts for him and a bag of ginger snaps. I also found a that the Sears Home Store had a Spring & Summer catalogue so I brought that home as well. I looked in Michaels but their beads are more expensive than the ones I purchased in the U.S. There's a store I passed by the other day in the industrial park that's close by called Canadian Bead Company. I'll have to check that out.

I got to the doctor's early and she actually took me early. Just as I arrived, her nurse was just hanging up from making Gordon's appointment with the infectious disease specialist. He goes on the 30th.

She checked my foot and sent me for an x-ray. She also told me that if it was a simple hairline fracture even if I had had it looked at right away they probably wouldn't do anything about it, just let it heal on its own. She thinks casting it is 'overkill'. She said since I've aggravated it four times since the initial occurrence it will just take a long time to heal. If it's worse than a hairline fracture, she'll call me and then it will probably have to be casted.

I had planned to stay and make an afternoon of it and maybe visit my sister but with some food in the truck that needed to be refrigerated so I came home.

I got comfy and started to read my book when Gordon announced that he wanted to go to Henry's new store. Henry's sells cameras. I needed to take mine in to see what they said about the dirt on the sensor so away we went. He tried out a couple of cameras and had taken a camera card so he could compare them to his Canon 20D. He didn't buy anything....yet. I asked about repair for my Sony and he referred me to a Sony repair shop where all repairs are done on premises. Henry's would have to send it to Toronto.

After leaving there we stopped at the Sony repair store. Initial cost is $50 plus tax which allows them to do the repairs up to $150. After that, they call you. My camera is only one year and three months old but we didn't think it was worth the possibility of $150 repair so I've decided to live with it for now. I could buy the model down from mine for $150 at Staples right now. We saw it yesterday. I'll just have to learn to take out the marks in Photoshop or crop them out.

When we got back I sat outside and read for a bit and took some photos of 'views from my lawnchair'. Then I got sleepy so had a long nap!

Now, I've made cornbread for dinner to go with my stew and....

That's a wrap!

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