Saturday, 26 April 2008

Getting Stuff Done and an Interlude

It rained off an on for most of the night but had stopped by the time I got up this morning. Rather than take a chance of getting wet by walking a long distance away, I did loops around the campground. You do a lot of loops in 1/2 an hour!

After breakfast I got ready and went out to pick up a few groceries. I decided while I was out to go to the bank and get the dreaded income tax paid, then I went to the shoe store where I've bought my sneakers for the past two years only to find out that they've discontinued the ones I like. The girl did manage to come up with one pair in my size but when those are worn out, I'll have to find something else. I got the groceries except for Jif peanut butter which I couldn't find in any of the three grocery stores that I went to. What's up with that? We had Jif here when I left in the Fall.

My niece was on MSN Messenger this morning telling me that our doctor's office called there this morning. They have our cell numbers but they'd rather call a local number, I guess. Anyway, the gist of the conversation is that yes, I do have a fracture in my foot and also arthritis in the big toe of the same foot. I knew about the arthritis and after the last few weeks had suspected the fracture. I'll have to call on Monday to see if she wants to do anything about it. She also said that Gordon's chest x-ray looks like the infection is almost gone however it didn't originally show up on the chest x-ray in Tucson which is why they sent him for a CT scan. We still don't have an appointment for a CT scan, hopefully that will come on Monday as well.

I got the laundry together and since the laundry room here only has 2 washers and 1 huge gas dryer I only did two loads but because the dryer works so fast it barely took an hour.

Gordon needed a photo of the day and we needed fuel so got the fuel and I washed the windshield. It was still all buggy from the last leg of our trip last week. Diesel was 1.28/litre. Trust me, that's expensive! Then we went to Chapman Mills Conservation Area which is only a short distance from the campground and took some photos. I considered it our interlude for today.

This is a view of the Rideau River from the pathway.

The Boardwalk.

A red-winged blackbird in flight.

The pathway.

Trees in reflection.

It got to 25C (77F) again today but look out....they're calling for snow showers on Tuesday with a high of 6C (43F). I knew it was too good to be true!


  1. No wonder your foot kept on hurting, Sandra. I hope that your Dr. can get you some relief for it now.
    They made a removeable cast for the bottom of my foot when I broke it, it was held on with ace bandages, and I could take it off to bathe, but I sure wanted it back on again afterward as the support made it feel so much better. I could even climb ladders with that cast on !
    I hope Gordon gets some good news next week, and will recover quickly.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Yikes!!! 1.28 per litre!! I thought $4.50 per gallon was bad!! (That's what it was the last time we filled up) Thankfully, we will be staying put most of the summer. Hope your foot gets the attention it needs. Feel better soon! Still praying for Gordon's good news.
    See you soon! Joyce D.


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