Thursday, 24 April 2008

On Clotheslines.... and other things

There's a big controversy going on over the last while apparently on clotheslines. With people wanting to fight global warming they're now wanting to bring back the clothesline instead of using a clothes dryer. However most communities these days view clotheslines as a blight on the landscape it seems. Growing up we didn't have a clothes dryer. Our clothes were hung outside on a clothesline in spring, summer and fall and even sometimes in the winter if it was a nice sunny day. Otherwise they were hung on clothes racks in our large spare room upstairs. Folding clothes dried on a clothesline is often a chore. Folding towels that are stiff as cardboard isn't easy to do but the fresh smells that these days are provided by dryer sheets were amazing! My sister who lives in Ottawa has always hung her clothes outside. There are a few things she puts in the dryer, like towels. However some parts of Ottawa (like Kanata) banned such archaic things as clotheslines from the time the suburb was built. Personally, I think they're a great idea and I've been in RV parks that have clotheslines available for people. Great idea!

I walked a bit through the industrial area this morning. I sure can tell a difference in my back since I got back. Walking in the desert seemed to be helping it but as soon as I got back here and started walking on pavement again, I'm back at the chiropractor. While I was there I asked him to do an allergy treatment on me. The last two years I've noticed my allergies getting worse. My eyes get all blurry this time of year. He did the chiropractic adjustment for allergies and also recommended a naturopathic medication called Allergiplex. I'm trying that and have taken one today so I'll let you know how it works. If it works, it's well worth the $20 for 10 pills!

This plane flew right over my head on my morning walk.

This is what traffic was like on Prince of Wales this morning.

One of the RVs that is stored here in the park.

After the chiropractor we drove to the Ottawa River Parkway as Gordon needed a photo of the day for his site. There were lots of geese and ducks as well as seagulls around. I also noticed that the weeping willow trees are starting to bud so it's looking like spring!

Here is one of the weeping willow trees. It looks so pretty against the blue of the Ottawa River.

Mr & Mrs. Mallard.

People feed the birds on the parkway. As soon as they see you they head right for you. No fear!

Here's a flock of geese heading out into the river. Note that the river is still flooded. Parts of the walking/bike path are still underwater.

This is a pretty old tree.

A seagull in flight.

Sitting outside and reading made me tired so in I came and lay down on the couch. A couple of hours later I managed to drag myself out of a deep sleep. So much for that afternoon that I didn't see!


  1. Anonymous5:43 pm

    I have to say hello here because I have been locked out of RV Dreams here at work??? I don't know what happened but I will not be able to get back on chat. I will have to look into that allergy thing. Sherri and I have fits with allergies all year long.


  2. I well remember clothes lines in good weather and in the basement in winter or bad weather. For many years that was my chore....LOL!

    I haven't used a clothes line for years....but used the one here at the campground for all my throw rugs when I did laundry last week.

    Sounds like a good topic for my Newly Green blog!


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