Thursday, 17 April 2008

Leg 10-April 17th - Erie, PA to Weedsport, NY

When I got up this morning, Gordon had been on the internet trying to find an RV park closer to Syracuse so our drive today wouldn't be so short and tomorrow's drive to Ottawa wouldn't be so long. He found a place called Riverforest Park so away we went.

I took these photos of the pretty spring flowers at Hill's Family Campground in Erie, PA before we left this morning.

We left Erie, PA at 9:15 a.m. It was already 55F (13C) and along the way gradually went up to 74F (23C) which is what it was when we arrived at Riverforest Park. I had called first to be sure they were open and had a pull thru site. I also asked if they had wifi and was told 'no' but they did have a clear view of the southern sky.

Lots of grape vines on today's trip. It's a big wine-making area.

This is for Kelly of The Bayfield Bunch. Rochester is her home town.

We arrived at the park just before 1:00 p.m. The sign on the door said the office was closed from 12-1 - no problem, it was just about 1 but no one showed up at 1 so I called and soon there was a white car coming toward me. The man opened the office, gave me a card to fill out, took my money (it's a Passport America Park - $16) and said he would turn on the power to the site. Then he left. We drove into the spot, plugged in - no power and waited. Gordon finally went looking for him and found his son who is the owner of the park who finally got power to our site. Since there is no wifi, Gordon set up the internet satellite. This park is not one I'd recommend very highly although it is close to I-90 - only about 1 mile off. It seems to be set up for mostly seasonal people. Their pull thrus are in a grassy field and I was a bit worried that we'd sink into the ground and be here until Doomsday but it looks like we're okay.

Our site.

This is the pond in the campground.

Looking toward our site from the pond area. The RV's in the front look like they're stored there.

These are some of the seasonal sites overlooking the pond up on the hill.

So tomorrow is the final leg of our journey on our return trip. I'm ready to sit in one spot for a while and relax although we will have all kinds of appointments at least it won't be packing up and breaking down and making lunches every day!

After we got settled, I started preparing for our border crossing - got out the passports, Canadian money and finalized my receipts. I think we're ready except we don't have enough cash to pay for our campground for the month. Oh well, he'll have to wait till I go out to the bank. He doesn't take credit cards or cheques so I'll just go out after we get set up tomorrow.

We decided to get diesel this afternoon rather than wait until morning because we didn't know how far we'd have to go to get it. So we went into Weedsport and filled up at 4.50/gallon! YIKES! The station we use in Ottawa is 128.9/litre according to which is the equivalent of 4.86 (assuming our money is at par) here so we might be doing more sitting than driving this summer!

The temperature here today actually topped out at 77F (25C). What a beautiful day!

For Gordon's synopsis, click here.


  1. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Not far now! Stay safe and enjoy the view.


  2. Sandra, I've been following your blog and it's great to hear you're almost home! Be safe!



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