Monday, 14 April 2008

Laying Low in Terre Haute, IN

This morning when I got up late (closer to 8:30 than 8:00) it was sunny but cold at 35F (2C). I walked toward the road that we came into the park on on the paved area and ran part way. Then I walked around the park ending up at the office where they have free coffee, muffins, danish and some breakfast items like grits. I came home with a coffee for Gordon and a blueberry muffin and danish for me.

Here are some photos I took around the park during my morning walk.

Another area of the park. It looks like these people have been here for a while.

Daffodils are starting to bloom.

The donkeys are having their breakfast.

These are fake storefronts which hide the RV storage area.

The KOA Kamping Kabins.
After breakfast, I changed the bed, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom and washed the floors, and got the laundry ready. Gordon and I walked over to check out the laundry room and the showers. Someone was doing laundry so I came back and got the receipts ready for our border crossing. By the time I got that done the washers were free so I loaded them up, picked up some books from the book exchange and came back to read a bit while the clothes were washing. I took some of my books back for the book exchange and loaded the dryers then back home again.

It's nice to see the sun again but I sure wish it was warmer. My electric throw has been a really good buy in these temperatures!

The rest of the afternoon I spent on the internet and finished my latest book called "Vanish" by Tess Gerritsen which I left in the library here at the park.

I took this photo from my living room window this afternoon.

That's about it for my day!

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  1. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Buuuuurrrrr, you are making me soooo cold. Then you go and make me sooooo hungry! What will I do with you two. Good to see you doing well. Keep it between the ditches. I know you will be glad to get home

    Speedy and Speedgirl


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