Wednesday, 19 March 2008

We Took a Hike (or Two)

Gordon still wasn't feeling the best today so we didn't do much. He rested most of the day.

I went for my long walk this morning over into Tucson Mountain Park and took a trail to the west that I hadn't taken yet.

Hmmmm....which way do I go? (I went left.)

This little purple flower is so cute. It's a tiny tall flower. I thought it was a larkspur but I think Ellie was right and it's a lupin.

Other than that I read my book. It was a beautiful day to sit outside but this morning our neighbors were cooking bacon outside and it just made me hungry!

This afternoon Ellie, Jim, Gordon and I went for a hike on the trails in Pima and Tucson Mountain Park. Gordon had rallied a bit from how he felt this morning. Here's proof that we actually did go on a hike!

Pretty purple flowers

We saw this pyrrhuloxia on our desert hike.

Ellie & Jim pick up their new Phaeton motorhome tomorrow. The new unit has a kingsize bed. Their present motorhome has a queen size bed. Consequently we have become the proud owners of their 650 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. Thanks guys!

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