Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Staying at Home

Yesterday I had thought that we might go back to the Desert Museum today but my foot is still tired from yesterday's shopping so after my walk this morning, Gordon decided he would go on his own and go for the morning Raptor Free Flight.

I took this cardinal photo at the museum on Sunday.

I took this photo of a ravaged prickly pear cactus this morning. One would think we have javelinas here in the desert!

I have been having problems in Firefox lately. I only had one scroll arrow for scrolling up so it was annoying me! Both Camino and Safari had two scrolling arrows. I asked Gordon to put the updated version of Firefox on my computer so he did that last night but it didn't correct the scrolling problem. Hmmmm...... Gordon deleted the Firefox preference file thinking it was corrupted, that didn't solve the problem. I sent an email to Firefox telling them of the problem. I was messing around looking in all kinds of Help files and all of a sudden I looked and I have two scrolling arrows again! Firefox poltergeists??? Who knows? All I know is, it's working again and I'm a happy camper!

I knew I needed to do a 'housecleaning' so while Gordon was gone I decided this was a good time although I hate to clean when it's nice outside.

After that I walked down to the office to complain about the loud transformer which is on our site. It was supposed to be fixed on Saturday but it rained and it's gotten louder so I told both Doc and his wife, Christine, picked up some quarters from Christine so I'd be ready to do the laundry (later), took a book to the library and picked one up. Then back to the RV to sit in the desert behind our rig in my lawn chair and read a new book.

I had just gotten set up when Gordon got back at about noon. He said that the Desert Museum was even busier today than it was on Sunday. He had gone to the Raptor Free Flight but when he heard what the raptors were he didn't stay as he'd seen them all and it was getting crowded. He said there were all kinds of little kids running around yelling so the birds would fly away so he packed it in and came home. When he came home, he too, walked to the office and complained about the transformer so they've promised to fix it tomorrow morning for sure. If not, we'll move to another site as there are some that are vacant in the mountain view row now.

I spent the better part of the afternoon in my lawnchair reading and gazing at Golden Gate Mountain and the surrounding desert and watching the woodpeckers on the saguaro nearby. It was 77F (25C) today, sunny with a light breeze. Just a beautiful day!
Here's a tidbit of trivia for you for today:

Cochineal is a scale insect (plant-feeding insect), from which cochineal dye is derived. This type of insect, a parasite, lives on cacti feeding on moisture and nutrients in the cactus sap. The prickly pear cactus is one of these cacti. This insect produces carminic acid. The carminic acid can be extracted from the insect's body and eggs to make red dye. Cochineal is primarily used as a red food coloring and for cosmetics.

We had a fairly nice sunset tonight and also a pretty moon rise. Here is 'moon over rv'.

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