Saturday, 5 January 2008

Another Day of Not Much Anything

Today started off sunny with cloudy periods but the sun gradually went away giving way to clouds. It was 55F (13C) when I got up and went for my walk.

I saw these two RVs on my walk this morning, the first one is really big and the other one is really little!

Most of the park host sites are covered.

Some cholla trees

A strange looking saguaro

The rest of the morning and afternoon passed uneventfully. I cleaned a few things out of my kitchen cupboards and got them ready to take to Goodwill. Gordon put out some birdseed and a spent a lot of time watching the birds in our yard although only a couple of them really attacked our birdseed. The birds do come to our water tap quite a bit as it leaks a little so that's where they come for a drink.

We found this bug on our rear blinds this afternoon. And they say Florida has bugs!

I spent a lot of the day reading blogs. I've found lots more blogs to read usually through people's blogs that I already read. It's fascinating reading other people's stories of how they decided to fulltime and the pains and struggles to achieve their end.

Birds and animals in our side garden this afternoon after Gordon put out some bird food.

We had a few spatters of rain during the afternoon and just before 5:00 p.m. it started to rain so that you could hear it on the roof but it didn't last long. We had little splatters on and off all evening and a few minutes of serious rain. I can handle those kind of rains!

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