Monday, 11 June 2007

Pie.......and Other Stuff

This morning was cloudy and humid and 20C (68F). Although I haven’t felt up to par the last couple of days I managed to do my morning walk.

We reached a high today of 28C (82F) with sunny breaks off and on.

This morning I packaged up the meats that I bought yesterday into freezer bags (the containers they come in usually take too much space in the freezer). I also made a bunch of hamburger patties.

I’ve been getting bored with lunch meats so decided to experiment with chickpeas. They actually make quite a good sandwich filling. I mash them, today I used garlic salad dressing instead of mayonnaise (that I used a couple of weeks ago) and some seasoned salt and finely chopped green pepper. I used finely chopped onion last time too but I’m not a big (raw) onion fan so didn’t use it this time. It’s quite nice for a change.

Gordon made an appointment at the Dodge dealer in Perth for our 126,000 km checkup and was able to get one this afternoon so while he was gone I finally used the gluten-free pie shell that Michelle had given me when we were in Columbus in April and made the world-famous butterscotch pie. There seems to be a problem with the butterscotch setting enough so we’ll see how it turns out. Just taking it out of the oven it didn’t feel as if it was set. The only thing I can think of is that we substitute cornstarch for flour. I’m wondering if using amaranth flour might work. I’ll have to do some research, not that I plan on making it again. My oven just doesn’t heat up well enough or hold the heat to bake. My husband looked happy when he came home and saw it cooling on the counter!

Good news! They even washed the truck at the dealership. That's a first for us with the truck!

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