Thursday, 14 June 2007

A Hawiian Luau in Ottawa!

I’ve been eating too much of the pie I made lately so I’ve been combining running with my walking. Today I walked/ran the 2 km. to the lights at Hwy 7. It still took ½ hour. The day was beautiful with lots of sunshine a southwest breeze and (67F) when I started out. By the time I got home it was (71F).

Dave (owner) was mowing the lawn this morning so after he did what he could I mowed around the RV again. Our neighbour, Jean came over and wanted to borrow the mower after I was done and instead we sat outside and talked till about 1:15 p.m. Then I had to come in and get ready to go into Ottawa to our Hawaiian Luau sponsored by our financial advisors, Canada Retirement. They have a couple of these get togethers yearly, one in June and one in December which we’re never around for anymore. They are always well put together with lots of free food and booze. They have a band and dancing, not that we ever take advantage of the dancing part. It’s really very well done.

We didn’t stay long. We usually don’t know anyone although I did see someone that used to work at Breconridge today. On our way home we stopped at Bruce Pit where we used to take Bib for walks. It’s a local doggie spot where you can let your dog off leash to run although we never let Bib off leash. Gordon saw a heron on our way by so had to stop and take photos.

We arrived home and had a piece of pie. It’s almost gone, thank goodness! As long as it's here I have to eat it! I've been asked by someone who commented on my blog for a recipe hint. It's made with brown sugar, milk, and butter. I use cornstarch instead of flour because of the gluten. Don't know if that helps or not!

This is our neighbour, Sarah

The pig on the spit

We were to dress in our best Hawaiian outfit, everyone received a leis at the door

My Hawaiian outfit - my nephew gave one of the leis last year and I got
another one at the door

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  1. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Where was the spit purchased or rental from? We nee done for this saturday July 5 08 please email me



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