Thursday, 22 March 2007

Time to Get Housework Done

It seemed a little cooler this morning so I decided to get the freezer defrosted and the refrigerator cleaned. Once I started working, it didn't seem so cool anymore. While the freezer was defrosting I vacuumed and washed the floors. By then the freezer was ready to be cleaned up and the excess water disposed of.

Since that nasty little job was done, I headed to Walmart to get some groceries. I haven't been buying any meat since I needed to get the freezer cleaned out as all I have are two small coolers to put the freezer and refrigerator stuff in when defrosting.

After getting back to the RV and unpacking the groceries, I sat outside and read for a while, then took some books that I've read since I've been here up to the lending library at the office and exchanged them for others. While I was out I took photos of these roses in the Memorial Garden here in the park. Apparently they are donated by people whose spouse or friend has passed away - a nice idea.

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