Sunday, 18 March 2007

Our Second Trip to Six Mile Cypress Slough

Mr. Alligator swimming in Gator Lake on our way in to the Slough

Mr. Alligator sunning himself on the raft on our way out

We had to put the heater on last night. It got down to 48 F (9C). It was bright and sunny this morning but still quite cool even though I slept till 9:00 a.m. I haven’t done that for ages! The rest of the morning and early afternoon were much the same, recovering from last night’s St. Patrick’s Day party.

Late this afternoon, Gordon decided he wanted to go for a Sunday drive so we drove to Six Mile Cypress Slough and did the whole boardwalk trail this time. We saw lots of birds including a pileated woodpecker, a couple of immature ibis and a limpkin. We also saw the great egrets, tri-colour herons and anghingas but to add to it, we also saw a fairly large alligator swimming in Gator Lake on our way into the Slough and he was sunning himself on the raft when we came out. We spent two hours there and had a good time.

Since it was quite late by then we stopped at Taco Bell and picked up Gordon’s dinner and McDonald’s for my Asian Salad and brought them home to eat dinner here.

That’s about it for our day!

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