Tuesday, 13 March 2007

More Sightseeing in Our Area

Gordon went out for sunrise photos again. He hadn’t been feeling well since we arrived here so today was the first day that he went out early. I did my usual walk. When Gordon got back he said he had almost stopped next door in the little mall for breakfast so we walked over there and had breakfast at Talk of the Town.

When we got back I sat outside and read for a while and also did a computer backup and deleted my 2004 and 2005 photos from my computer as my hard drive was bordering on full.

We had to go and get fuel so we did some driving around the area and ended up at a park called Lakes Park that is very close to us. I got some good photos of birds and wildlife which you will see below. None of these photos have been cropped so that’s how close I got to them with my little camera. This park is a beautiful park for walking and is quite scenic as well with little islands in the water. We have to go back there and do the complete walk around the lakes but we didn’t have time today. It costs $1.00/hr to park and we had only paid for one hour.

Tri-Colored Heron

A little alligator

An Anhinga sitting right below me on the bridge drying his wings

Another Tri-Colored Heron

A Little Blue Heron

Some pretty palms along the road

After we left the park we drove to a little fruit and vegetable market out near where Betty and Garth are so I could get some oranges. The ones in the grocery store didn’t look nice. These looked nice but I’ve had better. I have a nice big bag of them now. I also got a really good looking tomato.

Tonight will be our usual night of TV.

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  1. Hi Sandra,
    thanks for the good wishes. I hope you're enjoying Florida. We were down there at Christmas break. I know the Ft. Myers area a bit- my aunt and uncle had a winter trailer in Naples, and we were sent down when we were younger to have a cheap break there.

    Enjoy the sun!


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