Friday 16 March 2007

Flea Market Shopping

Today Gordon dropped me off at Walmart and Betty picked me up there and we headed off to Fleamasters a giant fleamarket here in Fort Myers. There are two buildings and we only managed to get through one of them so guess where we'll be going next Friday? The fleamarket is Friday, Saturday and Sunday but Friday seems like the best day to go.

I managed to pick up a few items that I needed like a new pair of shorts. I also got Gordon a baseball cap with an alligator on it that also says Florida for $5.00. Two years ago I bought my Florida baseball cap at a Beall's Outlet store for $5.00 and he's always wanted a $5.00 Florida hat so now he has one (actually mine was $4.99).

We arrived there just before 11:00 a.m. and Betty dropped me off at the RV Park around 3:30 p.m. so we had a full day. My back can attest to it!

Just after I arrived home we had a bit of a thunderstorm and some rain so the temperature has gone down quite a bit. It's supposed to be quite a bit cooler (mid 70's F) here for the next few days. I'm glad too. I don't like it to be too hot although there have only been a couple of days that really bothered me. Usually the breeze makes up for the high temperature.

My blogging friend, Susan is in Desert Hot Springs and their temps have been in the 90's this week so I guess we're lucky.

The photo is one I took of Betty at the fleamarket.

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