Monday, 15 January 2007

Nasty Weather Day!

Fog over Aransas Bay taken from our rear window this morning

We had some wind gusts overnight that buffeted our home about and this morning was nasty – windy, rainy and 40F (4C). I went for a short walk but it wasn’t pleasant at all. Besides the rain there are big mud puddles around and where there’s not puddles, there’s mud. I thought considering most of the area is oyster shells it wouldn’t be that bad, think again!

I forgot to mention we finally got the bugs washed off the front of Big Harv yesterday. We’ve been really lazy. It took all of about 45 minutes to get it done. We didn’t wash the rest of it to get the black streaks off as we knew it would be rainy for the next few days so we’ll get to that another time. It’s just difficult to find an RV park that will allow washing of your RV so I wanted to get it done here before we move elsewhere.

Today was a nasty, cold day. The rain stopped earlier this morning but the wind kept up and our high today was 40F (4C) this morning. By 4:10 p.m. it was down to 35F (2C).

We stayed inside all day and tried to keep warm. I read, napped and made some stew for dinner and tonight watched TV.

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