Tuesday, 8 August 2006

The Search for Marble Bluff

Cute old log home along Hwy 511 with day lilies growing against it

Tatlock Quarry

Tatlock Quarry

Bib got me up before 7:00 a.m. today. It was bright and sunny but only 14C (57F) and quite breezy.

This morning Gordon was going to see a former client of his at her new job to have coffee and see their new office so while he was gone I took some time to start putting things away in preparation for our trip tomorrow.

This afternoon we headed out to find Marble Bluff. We never did find it but had another nice drive and took Bib with us today. We did find Tatlock Quarry where they quarry white marble. The white hills reminded me of White Sands in Alamogordo, NM. They let you take the white stones for free! I used to pay a fortune for a bag of those stones at the nursery. I've lived in this area for 35 years and never knew that marble was quarried this close to home.

We drove as far as Calabogie as I hadn’t been there in a lot of years. For a resort community, I expected more but we didn’t go as far as Calabogie Peaks. Another time. We’ll also have to find Marble Bluff next time we’re here.

It turned out to be a beautiful summer day - no humidity, sunny with a breeze and 24C (75F).

Fell asleep watching TV tonight.

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