Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Now at Lindsay, Ontario

I got up around 6:30 a.m. today as we were moving. It was 9C (49F)! Fall is in the air!

As usual, when Gordon took the truck for service last month, they didn't put the air in the tires properly so Gordon went out to fix that. While he was gone I was talking to the manager of the campground, Lois, who had given Gordon the instructions on how to get to Marble Bluff. I told her we didn’t find it but we did find Tatlock Quarry. It turns out that Tatlock Quarry and Marble Bluff are one and the same, so we did find it after all!

Anyway after packing up, getting fuel and so on we pulled out of Tranquil Acres at 10:00 a.m. We had an uneventful drive west on Hwy 7 and beautiful weather. Traffic was fairly light so we actually arrived at Double M RV Resort & Campground at 1:30 p.m. Daphne (owner) had emailed me instructions and had given us a spot backing on the water. Unfortunately Gordon we couldn’t get level at that site so he had talked to Mike (owner) who had driven him around in the golf cart and showed him other possible sites. On our third try, we managed to get level and have our internet satellite. We aren’t backing on the water but it’s not a long walk to get there. Oh well, we all have disappointments in our lives and if this is the only one I have today, I’ll live! Consequently it took us over two hours to get set up. Luckily it wasn’t really hot.

Bib and I walked around the park a bit and then checked out TV stations with our aerial (until we get satellite) Yeah! We’re in Lindsay. Time to go to see Armand at 3i Communications to get set up with our TV satellite arm so maybe in a week or so (by the time Starchoice gets around to bringing the dish to us) we might have decent TV!

Tomorrow my sister, Betty, is picking me up and the ladies are going shopping. Don’t know where yet. It’s supposed to rain, so if it rains, we’ll go to Peterborough where we can shop indoors, if not, maybe Lindsay or Fenelon Falls. Tomorrow is another day!

The photo today is of our site at Double M.

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