Thursday, 23 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving and Yummy Potluck!

It was a bit foggy this morning but quickly turned into a bright, sunny day.

We showed up at our potluck with our covered dish. Unfortunately the Rocky Road bars didn’t set very well so I didn’t take them as they would have been too messy to eat. They weren’t missed however as there was lots of food and lots of desserts. Quite a few people attended, I thought there would be more though. We sat at a table with a group of people from Mission, Texas which is in the Rio Grande Valley and one couple from Albany New York. His wife was from Chile. She has been in New York for 18 years and still is very difficult to understand. The food was excellent and we both stuffed ourselves. I didn’t go near the dessert table as the main course was so good.

When we got back to the RV, there was a card in the door from another couple who are also from Ottawa that want us to drop by. I wound up sitting outside for a while but then came in and lay down to read. Next thing I know, I woke up and it was nearly 5:00 p.m. Turkey does make me sleepy!

No further plans for today so will do my posting early.

The photo was taken at the potluck of our table. All the people are looking the other way as there was a football game on the widescreen TV.

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