Saturday, 30 September 2006

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Today dawned bright and sunny although cold. It was about 6C (43F) when I went for my walk.

Since it was a nice day we decided to head out for Jacques Cartier Park which is north of the city. As we drove north it got cloudy and as we got into the mountains there wasn’t much colour as the trees are mostly evergreens. We were going into the park but there was a long lineup so decided it wasn’t worthwhile since the sun had left us so we decided to head east of the city again. We went through Ste Anne de Beaupre and then headed northeast on Hwy 360 for a while. We went through some little towns and obviously quite a few ski hills in the area. We saw a sign for Sept Chutes so drove there and were told it would be $19.72 for the two of us. Since we had no idea what to expect we decided not to go in.

We met up again with Hwy 138 so headed west again and came upon Canyon Ste Anne which Gordon had read about somewhere. We decided to spend the $19.00 to see what was there. It was very pretty with a beautiful falls complete with rainbow, beautiful scenery and not an over abundance of people even though it was a Saturday. There are a lot of stairs so we got our exercise. Two of the bridges over the falls are suspension bridges. I went out part way on the high one, then changed my mind with kids running back and forth and the bridge swaying, it didn’t seem like something I wanted to do. To get to the lower bridge you go down 187 steps. There’s no other way back than to climb those 187 steps so we got our exercise too! All in all, I think we got our money’s worth there.

On our way back we stopped again at Ste Anne de Beaupre and took some more shots of the shrine.

We left around 10:00 a.m. and got home about 6:00 p.m. so it was a long day and we’re both pooped!

Since this is the last day of the month, here are September’s expenses:

  1. Campground Fees - $672.30
  2. Groceries - $351.07
  3. Laundry - $28.00
  4. Wine/Spirits - $41.90
  5. Entertainment - $43.15
  6. Snacks - $8.52
  7. Eating Out - $75.60
  8. Fuel for Truck - $368.25
  9. Propane - $21.20
  10. RV/Truck Repair/Service - $109.00
  11. Misc - $854.17
  12. Insurance - $1203.30
  13. Internet/TV - $53.57
  14. Phones - $107.85
  15. Medical/Dental - $221.22
  16. Gifts - $34.20
  17. Total - $4193.30

Campground Fees weren’t bad even though we were using weekly or daily this month rather than monthly as we’ve been doing most of the summer.

Misc was high this month as we made a few purchases like the tripod for the TV dish and the satellite finder, the chair massager, the new hard drive and card for PDA, We also purchased our US travel insurance which is why the insurance category is so high.

RV/Truck Repair/Service is actually the plates for the truck.

They didn’t charge us for internet again this month so that will be double next month.

So even with paying over $1100.00 for our travel insurance for the winter, we didn’t do too badly this month.

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