Wednesday, 27 September 2006

We 'Ferried' to Old Quebec

This morning was bright, sunny and cold. Gordon left to go and take photos at dawn. His plan was to go to the Old City on the ferry but instead he just went to the Terrace (park overlooking the St. Lawrence and Old Quebec) and took his photos from there. I went on my walk but there wasn’t anything interesting around to look at as most of the RV’s have gone.

We went into town to get groceries this morning and after putting them away with the sun shining, I sat outside and read for a while. After we had naps, we decided to go into Old Quebec for a while so we took the ferry over and went our separate ways as Gordon wanted to take photos and I wanted to take a tour of the shops. There were still lots of people around even though the cruise ship was gone. The weather was beautiful and it was warmer today than it has been in some time. We stayed for about 2 ½ hours then took the 6:30 p.m. ferry back.

Shown are a couple of photos of Chateau Frontenac. The one taken from the ferry shows the wall that surrounds Old Quebec.

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