Monday 21 August 2006

Road Trip

Although I have no reason to get up early anymore, there’s no little dog to get me up, I got up at about 7:30 a.m. and went for my walk. The sun was shining but it was quite cool – 7C (45F). After I got back, all of a sudden the fog rolled in and lasted for about an hour and then the sun came out again with a nice breeze.

I napped and did some interneting this morning. My plan had been to go into Lindsay and pick up some groceries and generally look around the town but couldn’t get up the enthusiasm to go.

Around noon I asked Gordon if he wanted to go to Beaverton after lunch. Beaverton is a little town about 30 miles northwest of Lindsay on Lake Simcoe. Betty and I had been there last year but Gordon hadn’t been there yet and since it was such a nice day it was a shame to waste it. So, away we went. It was a nice drive but not a lot to see in Beaverton. We drove out and parked near the jetty, then walked out to the end and took some photos. Photo above is of me sitting on the jetty. We drove south from Beaverton for a while then cut over and picked up Hwy 7 and came home.

Both of us are really tired so we had a nap and read a bit. Nothing else to report for today!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your doggy Sandra. I know what it's like to have a pet you have to be wary with. My Sindy is nervous so I too can't trsut her with kids or noise or people who are too lively. she's afraid so she barks, and then they get scared. Wicked triangle really, but they become even more beloved to you don't they? My heart goes out to you. xx Val


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