Wednesday 23 August 2006

Happy Birthday Margie!

This is my little sister, Margie - Happy 40 something!

I've posted this photo before but she does look young enough to be Nick's date!

Today my little sister, Margie is 40 something (over 45) . A friend of my older sister commented on looking at the photos of Margie’s son’s wedding in July that she looked young enough to be Nick’s date. I’m including a photo of Nick and his Mom above. It's true! Margie is a very loving, giving person and a wonderful sister. We celebrated her birthday at the cottage on Saturday night but again, have a great day, Marg!


This morning we went to the RV park’s coffee klatch and met two more couples, Paul and Carolyn and Tom and Pat. Tom and Pat just sold their house on August 1st so are newbies and are very interesting folks. Carolyn and Paul aren’t full timers and were basically just overnighting here at Double M but had just come from Ottawa.

Last week we met Jim & Pam who told us about some interesting spots in New Mexico that we’ll have to try out.

After we got back from the coffee klatch, we started working on washing the RV. Gordon had to do the roof first so I tried to get the tree seed pods off the awning which didn’t work. He basically finished the roof and we packed it in for today. Now the RV itself is a lot dirtier due to the black stuff from the roof so another day for that!

I’ve had a bit of a meltdown last night and this morning from loss of our puppy. I’m not sure if crying it out is the way to go or trying to ignore it. Crying is just making me feel weak and shaky but it’s obvious that ignoring it isn’t working either as I’ve tried to do that since Friday last week so I guess it’s just time that will heal.

We relaxed for what was left of the afternoon. I also started going through things to get ready for the garage sale at the RV park this weekend.

Betty called after dinner and wanted me to go shopping with her tomorrow. Since we have to wash the rest of the RV, I told her I would go with her if it rains, so I have to call her tomorrow morning to make the decision. I also called Margie to wish her a Happy Birthday again but she had gone out so I left a message with Danica.

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