Saturday, 15 July 2006

Rain, Hot and Humid

It was cloudy, warm and very humid this morning but even with that I managed to walk farther than I have since we got to Carleton Place. We measured the distance in the truck tonight and it turns out it’s two kilometers return. That’s not a bad morning walk for someone who’s out of shape.

Gordon had an appointment to take the truck in for service today so he left around 9:15 a.m. I called the vet to give her an update on Bib. He is doing much better. I backed up my computer files, vacuumed, read and generally didn’t do much. My sister, Betty called around lunch time to make plans to come to Ottawa for Nick and Becky’s wedding. It’s less than two weeks away!

This afternoon we had rain on and off and each time it rained it got more and more humid and with the humidity come the bugs! I hate humidity. I want to go back to the desert!

After dinner tonight we took a drive around the back roads in the area looking for scenic things to photograph. Unfortunately we didn’t find much but did find a lot of log barns. I’ve never seen that many log barns in one area before. I didn’t get any pictures but did take a photograph of the thunderhead that’s hanging around here.

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