Thursday 13 July 2006

Laundry, Vet and Other Things

This morning when I went out to walk Bib there was a tent in the middle of the driveway right behind the truck. When I came back from my walk, I stopped to talk to the owner of the tent and found out that he is from England. He arrived in San Francisco eight weeks ago and has ridden his bicycle with his tent all this way. He’s on his way into Ottawa today and flies back to England (Manchester) from Quebec City two weeks from now. Amazing! He taught primary school in England for forty years and now does interior decorating. And the reason the tent was in the middle of the road is that he was drying it out so he could pack it up and put it on his bike.

This campground doesn’t have a laundry room so this morning I packed up the laundry and took it into Carleton Place. There is a very clean Laundromat there.

Bib has been having some intestinal problems for the last week or so. We had stopped in at a vet’s office the day we arrived and spoke to the vet. She suggested fasting him for 24 hrs. then feeding him hamburg and rice four times a day in small meals. This didn’t help so before I went to do laundry, I called her and made an appointment for this afternoon. She checked him and prescribed some medications and food changes so we’ll see how that works.

On our way back, Gordon washed the truck. It needed it badly!

I didn’t feel all that well myself today, kind of headachey and sort of felt like I’m getting a cold. Sure hope I can shake it! It was very hot today so stayed inside most of the day. I tried sitting out with my fan to read my book after I got back from doing laundry but with not feeling well, it felt even hotter so went back inside to read.

Pictured above are a couple of photos that I took around the campground this morning.

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